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Are you looking to download subtitles for movies and series? Today, we offer you the 3 best sites to download free subtitles for movies, TV series and programs. We will also explain how to add these simultaneous subtitle files to the media player, to play them in conjunction with the movie.

The best sites to download subtitles for movies and series


Subscene is the film reference for downloading subtitles for any film or series. You will find almost everything there.

All subtitles are created and uploaded by users, which means that most of the time you can find the right subtitles for any movie even if it is not popular or its language is is not spoken by many people.

Subscene has a simple and direct interface. Subtitles are organized according to programs and films, so you just have to write the name of the program, series or film in the search box and select the appropriate film among the many results that will appear to you after pressing the search button.

Almost all of the subtitle subtitles for downloading movie subtitles are in SRT format. You can set the search results filter on specific languages ​​(up to a maximum of 3 languages).

Access the site : Subscene

  • Download subtitles of movies and series

  • Download streaming videos


SubtitleSeeker is essentially a meta search engine for translations. Instead of tracking his database of translations, he extracts translation files from more than 20 different translation sources. Ultimately, you won’t find a more comprehensive search tool anywhere other than SubtitleSeeker to download subtitles.

SubtitleSeeker has a simple interface for downloading movie subtitles. The home page contains a search bar and a word cloud based on the most searched and popular terms and lists for the most common translations.

Access the site : SubtitleSeeker

Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles is one of the most popular sites in its field, most users looking for movie and series subtitles prefer it over others. Its offer is more important than the other sites, its search filters are more in-depth which will help you to filter your results.

The site offers almost all translation files for all movies and series, it is the largest translation database with support for dozens of languages. If you can’t find a translation file for a specific file in the previous sites, you will find it on the Open Subtitles site, which is why it is popular.

Access the site : Open Subtitles

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How to load subtitles for movies and TV shows

We will demonstrate the use of VLC, the most popular media player application in the world. To manually load a subtitle file, even if it is not in the same location as the video file:

  • Launch the video file in VLC.
  • On the Subtitles menu, click Add Subtitle File.
  • Go to the subtitle file, select it and click Open.

You can load multiple subtitle tracks (as many as you like) and switch between them at will. This is particularly useful for certain video files, especially in MKV format, which come with many subtitles in different languages.

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