How to optimize multimedia with FIREFOX


Optimizing multimedia with FIREFOX will make you gain in performance. For example, blocking YouTube ads, making it easier to play a video, finding the origin of an image, these few very useful functions can be added to Firefox via extensions.

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Improve video playback with Enhancer for YouTube

optimize multimedia with FIREFOX

This extension allows you to add a control bar to YouTube pages to easily adjust the display mode, reading speed, ad blocking, detach the reading window and more. To do this, click on the Open Firefox menu icon and in extensions type Enhacer for Youtube in the search field.

Use Enhacer for YouTube

After installing the extension, it appears at the bottom of the Youtube window. Its menu consists of 7 buttons. One of the most interesting is the Remove Ads feature. The Detach Player function displays a reduced size of the original video.

Reverse image search

To find out the origin of a photo and to know, for example that it is not a fake, use the Search By Image extension. After installing the extension, click on the Search By Image icon, select the search engine and on the page that displays the image, click on it to collect all the information.

Access radios from around the world

optimize multimedia with FIREFOX

With the Worldwide Radio extension, you’re spoiled for choice from over 30,000 radio stations around the world. The procedure for installing the extension is identical to the previous steps. Click on the continent, the country then on the radio that interests you. The playback menu is intuitive, playback and pause are performed using the same button.

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